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Zoznam všetkých CD, 10", EP a LPs ktoré sú skladom. 

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more_vertA-ha "Headlines And Deadlines (The Hits Of A-ha)" CD
search8,00 EUR

A-ha "Headlines And Deadlines (The Hits Of A-ha)" CDclose

1. Take On Me2. Cry Wolf3. Touchy4. You Are The One(Remix)5. Manhattan Skyline6. The Blood That Moves The Body7. Early Morning8. Hunting High And Low (Remix)9. Move To Memphis10. I´ve Been Losing You11. The Living Daylights12. Crying In The Rain13. I Call Your Name14. Stay On These Roads15. Train Of Thought(Remix)16. The Sun Always Shines On T.V...

more_vertA-ha "Original Album Series" 5CD
search12,00 EUR

A-ha "Original Album Series" 5CDclose

TracklistHunting High And Low1-1Take On Me3:491-2Train Of Thought4:141-3Hunting High And Low3:451-4The Blue Sky2:361-5Living A Boy's Adventure Tale5:021-6The Sun Always Shines On T.V.5:081-7And You Tell Me1:521-8Love Is Reason3:071-9I Dream Myself Alive3:101-10Here I Stand And Face The Rain4:30Scoundrel Days2-1Scoundrel Days4:022-2The Swing Of Things4:142-3I've Been Losing You4:242-4October3:552-5..

more_vertAbaddon Incarnate "The Last Supper" CD
search10,00 EUR

Abaddon Incarnate "The Last Supper" CDclose

Tracklist1Nihilist2:562I Hate3:253The Sharing Of Thoughts With The Dead1:424Temple Of Rancid Filth3:595Vermithrax5:276Vile Pleasures Of Transfiguration2:247Raping Ground3:028When The Demons Come5:129Manhead3:3910Forced Osculum Infame3:1111Hell Noise5:28..

more_vertABBA "Gold (Greatest Hits)" CD
search15,00 EUR

ABBA "Gold (Greatest Hits)" CDclose

Track list:1. Dancing Queen2. Knowing Me Knowing You3. Take A Chance On Me4. Mamma Mia5. Lay All Your Love On Me6. Super Trouper7. I Have A Dream8. Winner Takes It All9. Money Money Money10. SOS11. Chiquitita12. Fernando13. Voulez Vous14. Gimme Gimme Gimme15. Does Your Mother Know16. One Of Us17. Name Of The Game18. Thank You For The Music19. Waterloo..

more_vertAbba "Voyage" CD
search15,00 EUR

more_vertABBA "Voyage" CD (Eco Box Limited)
search29,00 EUR

ABBA "Voyage" CD (Eco Box Limited)close

„I Still Have Faith in You”„When You Danced with Me”„Little Things”„Don't Shut Me Down”„Just a Notion”„I Can Be That Woman”„Keep an Eye on Dan”„Bumblebee”„No Doubt About It”„Ode to Freedom”..

more_vertAbba "Voyage" LP
search33,00 EUR

Abba "Voyage" LPclose

Tracklist:„I Still Have Faith in You”„When You Danced with Me”„Little Things”„Don't Shut Me Down”„Just a Notion”„I Can Be That Woman”„Keep an Eye on Dan”„Bumblebee”„No Doubt About It”„Ode to Freedom”..

more_vertAberrant / D.E.R. Split CD
search4,00 EUR

Aberrant / D.E.R. Split CDclose

D.E.R. - grindcore z Braziliehttps://dergrindon.bandcamp.com/Aberrant - grindcore z USA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w400frP4Dkc..

more_vertABEST "Asylum" LP
search16,00 EUR

ABEST "Asylum" LPclose

Post/Black Hardcore z Nemecka.  http://abest.bandcamp.com/ ..

more_vertAbnormality "Sociopathic Constructs" CD
search15,00 EUR

Abnormality "Sociopathic Constructs" CDclose

1. Monarch Alpha2. Penance3. Kakistocracy4. Transmogrification of the Echoborgs5. A Catastrophic and Catalyzing Event6. Aeturnum7. Dying Breed8. A Seething Perversion9. Curb Stomp..

more_vertAbnormality "Sociopathic Constructs" LP
search24,00 EUR

Abnormality "Sociopathic Constructs" LPclose

TracklistA1Monarch AlphaA2PenanceA3KakistocracyA4Transmogrification Of The EchoborgsB1A Catastrophic And Catalyzing EventB2AeturnumB3Dying BreedB4A Seething PerversionB5Curb StompNoteslim. 180g black vinyl + poster & downloadcard..

more_vertAbortion "Konvert" LP
search10,00 EUR

Abortion "Konvert" LPclose

Opäť skladom album z roku 2014. Kultová grindcore kapela z Nitry!Modrý vinyl. https://abortionofficial.bandcamp.com/album/konvert ..

more_vertAbortion / Damage Digital "Weapons For All" split CD
search6,00 EUR

Abortion / Damage Digital "Weapons For All" split CDclose

Damage Digital:Recorded at Geils (March 2005 / March 2007), mixed in December 2007.Abortion:All songs recorded, mixed and mastered in march 2006 at the Moonset Paladis studio, Slovakia℗&© 2009 HUMANOS MORTOS! PROD. & KASAMATA RECORDSProduzido por Videolar S.A. - CNPJ: 04.229.761/0004-13 - Indústria Brasileira, sob encomenda Kyrios CD Solution - CNPJ: 08.205.284/0001-64 www.kyrioscds.com.br..

more_vertAC/DC "'74 Jailbreak" LP
search23,50 EUR

more_vertAC/DC "Back In Black" LP
search22,00 EUR

AC/DC "Back In Black" LPclose

A1Hells Bells5:09A2Shoot To Thrill5:14A3What Do You Do For Money Honey3:33A4Givin The Dog A Bone3:30A5Let Me Put My Love Into You4:12B1Back In Black4:13B2You Shook Me All Night Long3:28B3Have A Drink On Me3:57B4Shake A Leg4:03B5Rock And Roll Ain't Noise Pollution4:12..

more_vertAC/DC "Black Ice" 2xLP
search37,00 EUR

AC/DC "Black Ice" 2xLPclose

TracklistA1Rock N Roll Train4:21A2Skies On Fire3:34A3Big Jack3:57A4Anything Goes3:22B1War Machine3:09B2Smash N Grab4:06B3Spoilin' For A Fight3:17B4Wheels3:28C1Decibel3:34C2Stormy May Day3:10C3She Likes Rock N Roll3:53C4Money Made4:15D1Rock N Roll Dream4:41D2Rocking All The Way3:22D3Black Ice3:25..

more_vertAC/DC "Blow Up Your Video" LP
search23,50 EUR

AC/DC "Blow Up Your Video" LPclose

A1Heatseeker3:50A2That's The Way I Wanna Rock N Roll3:45A3Meanstreak4:10A4Go Zone4:27A5Kissin' Dynamite3:58B1Nick Of Time4:16B2Some Sin For Nuthin'4:11B3Ruff Stuff4:28B4Two's Up5:20B5This Means War4:21..

more_vertAC/DC "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap" LP
search20,00 EUR

AC/DC "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap" LPclose

TracklistA1Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap3:46A2Love At First Feel3:05A3Big Balls2:39A4Rocker2:46A5Problem Child5:43B1There's Gonna Be Some Rockin'3:14B2Ain't No Fun (Waiting Round To Be A Millionaire)6:57B3Ride On5:47B4Squealer5:12..

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more_vertGraveyard "Altar" Pánske Tričko
search10,00 EUR