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Zoznam všetkých CD, 10", EP a LPs ktoré sú skladom. 

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more_vertAtavist / Nadja split LP
search14,00 EUR

Atavist / Nadja split LPclose

ATwentyfour:sixteen24:16BTwentynine:thirtyseven (Edit)23:54..

more_vertAtrofia Cerebral "Fase Crítica" LP
search14,90 EUR

Atrofia Cerebral "Fase Crítica" LPclose

Noisecore Band from Lima, Peru(1989-Still Active)One of the first bands, not to mention that it was the first to explode brains in Peru. Derived from previous dissoluted bands as Leviatán (1987) and Yog Sothoth (1988). Became only a duet with José Morón on Voice/Guitar and Miguel Tipacti on Drums (2014)..

more_vertAttero "Enemy" CD
search2,00 EUR

more_vertAura Noir "Black Thrash Attack" LP
search24,60 EUR

Aura Noir "Black Thrash Attack" LPclose

TracklistA1Sons Of HadesA2ConquerorA3Caged WrathA4Wretched Face Of EvilA5Black Thrash AttackB1The PestB2The One Who SmiteB3Eternally Your ShadowB4DestructorB5Fighting For HellB6Heavens On Fire..

more_vertAutopsy "Mental Funeral" LP
search22,20 EUR

Autopsy "Mental Funeral" LPclose

TracklistA1Twisted Mass Of Burnt DecayA2In The Grip Of WinterA3FleshcrawlA4Torn From The WombA5SlaughterdayLyrics By – E. Cutler*Vocals – Eric CutlerLyrics By – E. Cutler*Vocals – Eric CutlerA6DeadB1Robbing The GraveB2Hole In The HeadB3Destined To FesterB4BonesawB5Dark CrusadeB6Mental Funeral..

more_vertAutopsy "Shitfun" LP
search22,90 EUR

Autopsy "Shitfun" LPclose

TracklistA1Deathmask2:49A2Humiliate Your Corpse3:28A3Fuckdog0:42A4Praise The Children3:41A5The Birthing2:12A6Shit Eater2:33A7Formaldehigh0:52A8I Sodomize Your Corpse3:40A9Geek4:07A10Brain Damage1:17A11Blood Orgy3:24B1No More Hate2:02B2Grave Violators4:47B3Maim Rape Kill Rape5:04B4I Shit On Your Grave0:42B5An End To The Misery1:13B6The 24 Public Mutilations3:10B7Bathe In Fire1:42B8Bowel Ripper1:11B..

more_vertAutopsy "Skull Grinder" 12"
search20,00 EUR

Autopsy "Skull Grinder" 12"close

TracklistA1Strung Up And GuttedA2Skull GrinderA3Children Of The FilthB1Sanity BleedsB2The Withering DeathB3Waiting For The ScreamsB4Return To Dead..

more_vertAutopsy "The Headless Ritual" LP
search22,20 EUR

Autopsy "The Headless Ritual" LPclose

TracklistA1Slaughter At Beast HouseA2Mangled Far BelowA3She Is A FuneralA4Coffin CrawlersB1When Hammer Meets BoneB2Thorns And AshesB3Arch CadaverB4Flesh Turns To DustB5Running From The GoatheadVocals – Eric CutlerVocals – Eric CutlerB6The Headless Ritual..

more_vertAutoritär / Warsore split CD
search5,70 EUR

Autoritär / Warsore split CDclose

Warsore - kultový grindcore z Austrálie Autoritar - mohol si vidieť aj naživo u nás v 90 rokoch crust / grind z Nemeckahttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WuX3cg3RHCI..

more_vertAvulsed "Altar Of Disembowelment 10"
search16,50 EUR

Avulsed "Altar Of Disembowelment 10" close

Death metal zo Španielska. Na výber dve farebné vinylové variácie. ..

more_vertBad Luck Charms ‎"5ive" 12"
search5,00 EUR

Bad Luck Charms ‎"5ive" 12"close

TracklistA1Rich GirlA2Stars 'N' StripesA366A4HeroA5Air Raid RockNotesLimited edition of 250 copies with DinA4 insert.Backside of the record is screenprinted...

more_vertBad Religion "The Empire Strikes First" LP
search22,20 EUR

Bad Religion "The Empire Strikes First" LPclose

OvertureSinister RougeSocial SuicideAtheist PeaceAll There IsLos Angeles Is BurningLet Them Eat WarGod's LoveTo Another AbyssThe QuickeningThe Empire Strikes FirstBeyond Electric DreamsBoot Stamping On A Human Face ForeverLive Again (The Fall Of Man)..

more_vertBad Religion "The Gray Race" LP
search24,60 EUR

Bad Religion "The Gray Race" LPclose

Repress 2021. Biely vinyl.TracklistA1The Gray Race2:06A2Them And Us2:50A3A Walk2:14A4Parallel3:19A5Punk Rock Song2:27A6Empty Causes2:51A7Nobody Listens1:57A8Pity The Dead2:56B1Spirit Shine2:11B2The Streets Of America3:48B3Ten In 20102:22B4Victory2:36B5Drunk Sincerity2:13B6Come Join Us2:03B7Cease2:35 ..

more_vertBadlands "Hands Of Time" LP
search18,00 EUR

Badlands "Hands Of Time" LPclose

Červený vinyl. A1Back In HistoryA2Judgement DayA3Rip It UpA4It’s Gonna EndA5HeroesB1Whatever HappenedB2From The HeartB3Hold On To You DreamsB4Hands Of TimeB5Fight Until I Die..

more_vertBathory "The Return......" LP
search25,00 EUR

Bathory "The Return......" LPclose

TracklistA1Revelation Of Doom3:27A2Total Destruction3:50A3Born For Burning5:14A4The Wind Of Mayhem3:14A5Bestial Lust (Bitch)2:38B1Possessed2:41B2The Rite Of Darkness2:15B3Reap Of Evil3:21B4Son Of The Damned2:47B5Sadist (Tormentor)2:59B6The Return Of The Darkness And Evil3:59NotesPrinted inner sleeve.Recorded at Electra Studio, Stockholm, Sweden in February 1985.Mastered at Cutting Room.Cutting dat..

more_vertBauhaus "Bela Lugosi's Dead" 12"
search13,70 EUR

more_vertBeast in Black "Dark Connection" 2xLP
search25,00 EUR

Beast in Black "Dark Connection" 2xLPclose

Side A01. Blade Runner02. Bella Donna03. Highway To MarsSide B01. Hardcore02. One Night In Tokyo03. Moonlight RendezvousSide C01. Revengeance Machine02. Dark New World03. To The Last Drop Of BloodSide D01. Broken Survivors02. My Dystopia03. Battle Hymn04. They Don’t Care About Us..

more_vertBeast in Black "Dark Connection" CD
search15,00 EUR

Beast in Black "Dark Connection" CDclose

01. Blade Runner02. Bella Donna03. Highway To Mars04. Hardcore05. One Night In Tokyo06. Moonlight Rendezvous07. Revengeance Machine08. Dark New World09. To The Last Drop Of Blood10. Broken Survivors11. My Dystopia12. Battle Hymn13. They Don’t Care About Us..

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more_vertGraveyard "Altar" Pánske Tričko
search10,00 EUR