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more_vertBlitz "Time Bomb Early Singles And Demos Collection" LP
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Blitz "Time Bomb Early Singles And Demos Collection" LPclose

A1Escape (1980 Demo)A24Q (1980 Demo)A3Youth (1980 Demo)A4Bleed (1980 Demo)A5Criminal Damage (1980 Demo)A6Someone's Gonna Die (All Out Attack EP)A7Attack (All Out Attack EP)A8Fight To Live (All Out Attack EP)A945 Revolutions (All Out Attack EP)A10Time Bomb (Time Bomb Demos)A11Criminal Damage (Time Bomb Demos)A124Q (Time Bomb Demos)B13Razors In The Night (Single)B14Never Surrender (Single)B15Warrior..

more_vertChaos U.K. "The Singles" LP
search17,80 EUR

Chaos U.K. "The Singles" LPclose

A1Four Minute WarningA2Kill Your BabyA3ArmyA4VictimisedB1No SecurityB2What About The FutureB3HypocriteB4Senseless Conflict..

more_vertConflict "It's Time To See Who's Who" LP
search19,70 EUR

Conflict "It's Time To See Who's Who" LPclose

This SideA1Young ParasitesA2Kings & PunksA3Meat Means MurderA4No Island Of DreamsA5Great What?A6The Guilt & The GloryA71824 OvertureA SideB1Bullshit BroadcastB2One Nation Under The BombB3Blind Attack (2)B4Vietnam SerenadeB5Blood MoronsB6ExploitationB7Crazy GovernmentsB8Untitled..

more_vertDischarge "Early Demos March / June 1977" CD
search12,70 EUR

Discharge "Early Demos March / June 1977" CDclose

1I Don't Care2Sweet Suburban Dreams3Living In The City4Acne5I Love Dead Babies6Pigs7Under My Feet8No Time For Romance9There's No Future U.S.A.10Acne (Alternate Version)11Pigs (Alternate Version)12Do Or Die13Pause..

more_vertElectro Hippies "The Only Good Punk… Is A Dead One" LP
search19,70 EUR

Electro Hippies "The Only Good Punk… Is A Dead One" LPclose

1Faith2Acid Rain3Run Ronald4Scum5B.P.6Unity7Terroreyes8So Wicked9Profit10Freddy’s Revenge11Mistake12Things Of Beauty13Protest14Gas Joe Pearce15Lies16Tortured Tears17Turkeys18D.I.Y. (not D.R.I.)19Suck20Deception..

more_vertEnglish Dogs "Invasion Of The Porky Men" LP
search19,70 EUR

English Dogs "Invasion Of The Porky Men" LPclose

A1The Fall Of MaxA2Word War 2A3Your CountryA4Blind ManA5MercenaryA6Never DieA7Astrophs WaitingB1NewsflashB2Ghost Of The PastB3CarolB4Spoils Of WarB5Cranked Up Really HighWritten-By – Rossi*, Barrett*Written-By – Rossi*, Barrett*B6Invasion Of The Porky MenB7Caveman Brain..

more_vertG.B.H. "City Baby's Revenge" LP
search20,00 EUR

G.B.H. "City Baby's Revenge" LPclose

A1Diplomatic ImmunityA2Drugs Party In 526A3See The Man RunA4Vietnamese BluesA5Womb With A ViewA6The Forbidden ZoneA7Valley Of DeathB1City Baby's RevengeB2Pins And NeedlesB3Christianised CannibalsB4Faster FasterB5High Octane FuelB6I Feel AlrightB7Skanga (Herby Weed)..

more_vertInocentes "Garotos Do Suburbio: The 1985 Demos" LP
search16,60 EUR

Inocentes "Garotos Do Suburbio: The 1985 Demos" LPclose

TracklistA1RotinaA2Ele Disse NãoA3Não Acordem A CidadeA4Salvem El SalvadorA5Expresso OrienteA6Pânico Em SPA7Não É PermitidoB1Mais Um DiaB2Terceiro MundoB3Liberdade CondicionalB4Mais Um Na MultidãoB5Miséria E FomeB6Eu Não QueroB7Garotos Do Subúrbio..

more_vertLaurel Aitken "The Fantastic Laurel Aitken" LP
search22,00 EUR

Laurel Aitken "The Fantastic Laurel Aitken" LP close

TracklistA1Baby Please Dont Go3:04A2Sex Machine2:23A3Hiele Hiele2:30A4Chop Chop Rock2:08A5Cant Your Back On Me2:52A6Since You Left2:45B1Do The Boogaloo2:57B2Soul Of Africa2:40B3Dancing With My Baby2:11B4Dallas Texas2:23B5Rock Steady2:52B6Reggae Mood2:22..

more_vertPeter And The Test Tube Babies "The Loud Blaring Punk Rock" LP
search18,00 EUR

more_vertPeter And The Test Tube Babies "The Punk Singles Collection" LP
search18,00 EUR

more_vertPlasmatics "New Hope For The Wretched" LP
search23,00 EUR

Plasmatics "New Hope For The Wretched" LPclose

TracklistA1Tight Black Pants1:44A2Monkey Suit3:19A3Living Dead1:31A4Test Tube Babies1:51A5Won't You2:25A6Concrete Shoes2:52A7Squirm (Live)3:29B1Want You Baby1:53B2Dreamlover5:35B3Sometimes I3:51B4Corruption2:36B5Butcher Baby3:20Plasmatics were an American punk rock and heavy metal band formed by Rod Swenson and Wendy O. Williams in New York City, New York, in 1977. The band was a controversial gro..

more_vertScreamin' Jay Hawkins And The Fuzztones "Live" LP
search20,00 EUR

Screamin' Jay Hawkins And The Fuzztones "Live" LPclose

TracklistA1Alligator WineWritten-By – Leiber & StollerWritten-By – Leiber & StollerA2I Put A Spell On YouWritten-By – J. Hawkins*Written-By – J. Hawkins*A3It's That Time AgainWritten-By – J. Hawkins*Written-By – J. Hawkins*A4Constipation BluesWritten-By – J. Hawkins*Written-By – J. Hawkins*More Fuzztones Live '..

more_vertThe Crack "In Search Of The Crack" LP
search20,00 EUR

The Crack "In Search Of The Crack" LPclose

TracklistA1My WorldA2Take Me AwayA3You Keep RunningA4Hard RoadA5Don't Just Sit HereB1Don't You Ever Let Me DownB2The Glory BoysB3Everybody's DreamingB4I'll Be ThereB5The Giddy HouseBarcode and Other IdentifiersBarcode: 0637913710391..

more_vertVarukers "Bloodsuckers" LP
search17,60 EUR

Varukers "Bloodsuckers" LPclose

A1Protest & SurviveA2Nowhere To GoA3No Masters No SlavesA4Don't ConformA5AndroidA6March Of The SASB1Nodda (Contraceptive) MachineB2Government's To BlameB3Tell Us What We All Wanna HearB4Don't Wanna Be A VictimB5What The Hell Do You KnowB6Schools Out (Maybe)Written By – Alice Cooper, Dennis Dunaway, Neal Smith, Glen Buxton, Michael Bruce..


more_vertPlastový obal na 12"/LP
search0,35 EUR

more_vertThe Wilderness "3" LP
search14,00 EUR

The Wilderness "3" LPclose

The Wilderness jsou bezesporu jednou z nejoriginálnějších současných kapel na Slovensku. Přesto, že existují již řadu let tak fungují svým způsobem v utajení.  Však také k jejich auře tajemna napomáhá i občas poněkud svérázný přístupu k ježdění na vlastní koncerty.Stejně tak hudebně i textově jsou The Wilderness těžko zařaditelní do jednoduchých škatulek. Album „III“ n..

search11,50 EUR


Audio Anatomy. ..