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more_vertAnathema "Eternity" 2xLP
search28,50 EUR

Anathema "Eternity" 2xLPclose

TracklistA1SentientArranged By – Les SmithMusic By – D. Cavanagh*Arranged By – Les SmithMusic By – D. Cavanagh*A2AngelicaMusic By – D. Cavanagh*Words By – D. Patterson*Music By – D. Cavanagh*Words By – D. Patterson*A3The BelovedMusic By – D. Cavanagh*Words By – V. Cavanagh*Music By – D. Ca..

more_vertAnathema "Pentecost III" LP
search10,00 EUR

Anathema "Pentecost III" LPclose

Pentecost III1Kingdom2Mine Is Yours To Drown In (Ours Is The New Tribe)3We, The Gods4Pentecost III5Memento MoriThe Crestfallen EP6...And I Lust7The Sweet Suffering8Everwake9Crestfallen (7" Version)10They Die (7" Version)..

more_vertAt The Gates "With Fear I Kiss The Burning Darkness" LP
search22,50 EUR

At The Gates "With Fear I Kiss The Burning Darkness" LPclose

A1Beyond Good And EvilA2Raped By The Light Of ChristA3The Break Of AutumnA4Non-DivineA5Primal BreathB1The ArchitectsB2StardrownedB3Blood Of The SunsetsB4The Burning DarknessB5Ever-Opening FlowerB6Through The RedB7The Nightmare ContinuesWritten-By – Discharge..

more_vertAura Noir "Black Thrash Attack" LP
search24,60 EUR

Aura Noir "Black Thrash Attack" LPclose

TracklistA1Sons Of HadesA2ConquerorA3Caged WrathA4Wretched Face Of EvilA5Black Thrash AttackB1The PestB2The One Who SmiteB3Eternally Your ShadowB4DestructorB5Fighting For HellB6Heavens On Fire..

more_vertAutopsy "Mental Funeral" LP
search22,20 EUR

Autopsy "Mental Funeral" LPclose

TracklistA1Twisted Mass Of Burnt DecayA2In The Grip Of WinterA3FleshcrawlA4Torn From The WombA5SlaughterdayLyrics By – E. Cutler*Vocals – Eric CutlerLyrics By – E. Cutler*Vocals – Eric CutlerA6DeadB1Robbing The GraveB2Hole In The HeadB3Destined To FesterB4BonesawB5Dark CrusadeB6Mental Funeral..

more_vertAutopsy "Shitfun" LP
search22,90 EUR

Autopsy "Shitfun" LPclose

TracklistA1Deathmask2:49A2Humiliate Your Corpse3:28A3Fuckdog0:42A4Praise The Children3:41A5The Birthing2:12A6Shit Eater2:33A7Formaldehigh0:52A8I Sodomize Your Corpse3:40A9Geek4:07A10Brain Damage1:17A11Blood Orgy3:24B1No More Hate2:02B2Grave Violators4:47B3Maim Rape Kill Rape5:04B4I Shit On Your Grave0:42B5An End To The Misery1:13B6The 24 Public Mutilations3:10B7Bathe In Fire1:42B8Bowel Ripper1:11B..

more_vertAutopsy "Skull Grinder" 12"
search20,00 EUR

Autopsy "Skull Grinder" 12"close

TracklistA1Strung Up And GuttedA2Skull GrinderA3Children Of The FilthB1Sanity BleedsB2The Withering DeathB3Waiting For The ScreamsB4Return To Dead..

more_vertAutopsy "The Headless Ritual" LP
search22,20 EUR

Autopsy "The Headless Ritual" LPclose

TracklistA1Slaughter At Beast HouseA2Mangled Far BelowA3She Is A FuneralA4Coffin CrawlersB1When Hammer Meets BoneB2Thorns And AshesB3Arch CadaverB4Flesh Turns To DustB5Running From The GoatheadVocals – Eric CutlerVocals – Eric CutlerB6The Headless Ritual..

more_vertBloodbath "Grand Morbid Funeral" LP
search22,20 EUR

Bloodbath "Grand Morbid Funeral" LPclose

TracklistA1Let The Stillborn Come To MeA2Total Death ExhumedA3AnneA4Church Of VastitasA5Famine Of God’s WordA6Mental AbortionB1Beyond CremationB2His Infernal NecropsyB3Unite In PainB4My TorturerB5Grand Morbid Funeral..

more_vertCancer "Shadow Gripped" LP
search23,00 EUR

Cancer "Shadow Gripped" LPclose

TracklistA1Down The StepsA2GarrotteA3BallcutterA4Organ SnatcherA5The InfocidalB1Half Man, Half BeastB2Crimes So VileB3Thou Shalt KillB4Shadow GrippedB5Disposer..

more_vertCandlemass "Ancient Dreams" 2xLP
search25,20 EUR

Candlemass "Ancient Dreams" 2xLPclose

TracklistA1Mirror Mirror6:15A2A Cry From The Crypt7:24B1Darkness In Paradise6:47B2Incarnation Of Evil7:19C1Bearer Of Pain7:23C2Ancient Dreams7:04D1The Bells Of Acheron5:21D2Epistle No. 814:37D3Black Sabbath Medley6:15..

more_vertCarpathian Forest "Black Shining Leather" LP
search22,20 EUR

Carpathian Forest "Black Shining Leather" LPclose

A1Black Shining Leather4:32A2The Swordsmen4:08A3Death Triumphant4:28A4Sadomasochistic4:02A5Lupus3:06A6Pierced Genitalia4:18B1In Silence I Observe3:43B2Lunar Nights6:34B3Third Attempt3:18B4The Northern Hemisphere6:43B5A Forest5:58..

more_vertCarpathian Forest "We're Going To Hell For This" LP
search23,20 EUR

Carpathian Forest "We're Going To Hell For This" LPclose

A1The Angel And The SodomizerA2I Am PossessedA3Bloody Fucking Nekro HellA4Bloodlust And PerversionA5Possibilities Of Life's DestructionA6In The Shadow Of The HornsB1In League With SatanB2The Good Old Enema Treatment Part IIB3Death Triumphant (Demo Version 1996)..

more_vertCradle of Filth "Darkly, Darkly, Venus Aversa" 2xLP
search30,00 EUR

Cradle of Filth "Darkly, Darkly, Venus Aversa" 2xLPclose

TracklistA1The Cult Of Venus AversaA2One Foul Step From The AbyssA3The Nun With The Astral HabitB1Retreat Of The Sacred HeartB2The Persecution SongB3Deceiving EyesC1Lilith ImmaculateC2The Spawn Of Love And WarC3Harlot On A PedestalD1Forgive Me Father (I Have Sinned)D2Beyond Eleventh HourD3Beast Of Extermination..

more_vertDarkthrone "A Blaze In The Northern Sky" CD
search10,00 EUR

Darkthrone "A Blaze In The Northern Sky" CDclose

Tracklist1Kathaarian Life Code10:392In The Shadow Of The Horns7:023Paragon Belial5:254Where Cold Winds Blow7:265A Blaze In The Northern Sky4:586The Pagan Winter6:37..

more_vertDarkthrone "Arctic Thunder" CD
search10,00 EUR

Darkthrone "Arctic Thunder" CDclose

1. Tundra Leach2. Burial Bliss3. Boreal Fiends4. Inbred Vermin5. Arctic Thunder6. Throw Me Through the Marshes7. Deep Lake Tresspass8. The Wyoming Distance..

more_vertDarkthrone "Arctic Thunder" LP
search25,00 EUR

Darkthrone "Arctic Thunder" LPclose

1.Tundra Leech2.Burial Bliss3.Boreal Fiends4.Inbred Vermin5.Arctic Thunder6.Throw Me Through the Marshes7.Deep Lake Trespass8.The Wyoming Distance..

more_vertDarkthrone "Circle The Wagons" CD
search13,00 EUR

Darkthrone "Circle The Wagons" CDclose

1. Those Treasures Will Never Befall You2. Running for Borders3. I Am the Graves of the 80s4. Stylized Corpse5. Circle the Wagons6. Black Mountain Totem7. I Am the Working Class8. Eyes Burst At Dawn9. Bränn Inte Slottet..


more_vertPlastový obal na 12"/LP
search0,30 EUR

more_vertThe Wilderness "3" LP
search14,00 EUR

The Wilderness "3" LPclose

The Wilderness jsou bezesporu jednou z nejoriginálnějších současných kapel na Slovensku. Přesto, že existují již řadu let tak fungují svým způsobem v utajení.  Však také k jejich auře tajemna napomáhá i občas poněkud svérázný přístupu k ježdění na vlastní koncerty.Stejně tak hudebně i textově jsou The Wilderness těžko zařaditelní do jednoduchých škatulek. Album „III“ n..

more_vertThe Wilderness "Patkaňe" Pánske Tričko (Biele)
search10,00 EUR

The Wilderness "Patkaňe" Pánske Tričko (Biele)close

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