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more_vertBombarder "Ima Li Života Prije Smrti" MC
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Bombarder "Ima Li Života Prije Smrti" MCclose

First time on cassette the 2011 album by cult speed/thrash underground legends from ex-Yugoslavia. It was only released on CD by the Finnish label Metal Warning originally and now MCDT Company presents to you the official and professional cassette edition! Includes a Nifelheim cover track.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ez9DpYZkZi8..

more_vertOrder of the Emperor "Faster Into Flames" MC
search6,00 EUR

Order of the Emperor "Faster Into Flames" MCclose

Order of the Emperor comes straight out of the smoggy harbor of Rotterdam. The band is influenced by the mighty Judas Priest, Black Sabbath and Thin Lizzy. They play straightforward grooving hard rock riffs with classical twin solos and melodic raw vocals brought with the fierce power of the ancient sledgehammer! This here is their 2nd full-length album released for the first t..

more_vertRepugnatory "Alma Impura" CD
search6,00 EUR

Repugnatory "Alma Impura" CDclose

Here is a new EP recording from Chilean black/thrash metal fiends Repugnatory! They have made a name for themselves in the South American underground with 3 full-length releases and by being featured on the cult split EP release with Abigail, Whipstriker and Germ Bomb, which was their first presentation on European soil. Now we have the Alma Impura CD EP containing 6 new tracks (of which 2 are an ..

more_vertSeraphic Disgust "Rotting Manifestations" CD
search7,00 EUR

Seraphic Disgust "Rotting Manifestations" CDclose

The long awaited new album from San Diego, California, death metal band Seraphic Disgust! Six years after the release of "Altarcunt", the band has returned once more with six new conjurations of foul decay! Churning turbulent blackened passages join together with putrefactive low vocals & high accents for maximum headbanging! Recommended for fans of Acheron (Aus), Cauldron Black Ram, Grand Bel..


more_vertPlastový obal na 12"/LP
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more_vertThe Wilderness "3" LP
search14,00 EUR

The Wilderness "3" LPclose

The Wilderness jsou bezesporu jednou z nejoriginálnějších současných kapel na Slovensku. Přesto, že existují již řadu let tak fungují svým způsobem v utajení.  Však také k jejich auře tajemna napomáhá i občas poněkud svérázný přístupu k ježdění na vlastní koncerty.Stejně tak hudebně i textově jsou The Wilderness těžko zařaditelní do jednoduchých škatulek. Album „III“ n..

more_vertThe Wilderness "Patkaňe" Pánske Tričko (Biele)
search12,00 EUR

The Wilderness "Patkaňe" Pánske Tričko (Biele)close

Znížená cena o polovicu. Dopredaj posledných kusov! ..