Cave In "Beyond Hypothermia" CD
Cave In "Beyond Hypothermia" CD
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Cave In "Beyond Hypothermia" CD

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Notes about the record from the band:
The purpose of "Beyond . . ." was to take a mess of songs we had laying around available on out-of-print records and make them available to more people on one convenient CD. We probably mislead people into thinking that this CD was our first real full-length record, which in no way is this true. "Beyond . . ." is something that perhaps should have been released after Cave In made its first "real" full-length, but when it came time for us to release something new, we weren't finished writing "Until Your Heart Stops". So we (with our then-vocalist Dave Scrod) decided to spice up the concept of "Beyond . . ." by revamping some of these older songs and recording a few new tracks too. All previously-released tracks on "Beyond . . ." except for the first 3 have Dave Scrod's voice in replacement of Jay Frechette's, along with re-recorded guitar tracks (except for the first 3 tracks + "Mitigate"). Kurt Ballou and Andrew Bernard mixed and remixed everything but the first 3 tracks on "Beyond . . .". Looking back on this maneuver, we're not the first to admit that all this re-tracking stuff was a dumb decision to make. But we still have back up DAT's of the original song mixes without Dave Scrod, so perhaps these will surface on some kind of future release. The sample that appears between "Crambone" and the hidden Metallica medley track is taken from the movie "Carrie". Steve also made his drumming (hah) debut in Cave In on "Crambone". A limited run of 320 "Beyond . . ." LP's with 300 on grey vinyl and 20 on purple vinyl were made and sold only to record carriers in the local New England area. The 12" jackets were silk-screened by Aaron Turner himself and came in 3 or 4 different color combinations.

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