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Prurient ‎"Rainbow Mirror" 4xCD
Prurient ‎"Rainbow Mirror" 4xCD
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Prurient ‎"Rainbow Mirror" 4xCD

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“Whatever is born is subject to decay…” 
“Rainbow Mirror”, the latest work from renowned noise-music artist PRURIENT, is a release exceeding three hours in length, consisting of new PRURIENT material that delves into the more glacial, meditative, and ambient side of Dominick Fernow’s cult within the realm of noise music creating an epic of pure 'Doom Electronics'. “Rainbow Mirror”, which will coincide with the 20 year anniversary of PRURIENT, is a project that is steeped in history and origins. The cover art for “Rainbow Mirror” is the first PRURIENT collage ever made. Like the first Prurient live performance 20 years earlier, the 'Rainbow Mirror' lineup consists of three members. For this ambitious work, Fernow called upon Matt Folden (Dual Action) and Jim Mroz (Lussuria) to form the trio. All of the material was recorded live in the studio and later meticulously mixed and produced at Shifted’s studio in Berlin with expert mastering by Paul Corley. “Rainbow Mirror” marks the second alliance between Profound Lore and PRURIENT and stands as another singular monument amongst the vast repertoire Fernow has amassed under the PRURIENT moniker. While familiar moments from the landmark “Frozen Niagara Falls” album can be found within the massive scope of “Rainbow Mirror”, through the three-plus hour duration of this rural ambient industrial creation, “Rainbow Mirror” is a monolithic crawling cinematic noise scape that brings in even more dynamics and structure through this expansive and introspective new observation. The intense, unforgiving, trance-inducing aura of “Rainbow Mirror” is presented through waves of time-stretching electronics, layered counterpoint feedback, machine loops and extended droning, pulsating synth passages. Like the infinite and distorted reflections produced by a hall of mirrors, "Rainbow Mirror" is a portrait in perpetual tension. 

Packaged in a massive 8-panel digipack with two fold out inserts, track listing for “Rainbow Mirror”, which will also include a short story of the same name written by Scott Bryan Wilson & Fernow in the spirit of violent dreams, as follows: 
Disc One: 1. Barefoot God 2. Walking On Dehydrated Coral 3. Midnight Kabar 4. Chaos – Sex 
Disc Two: 1. Falling In The Water 2. Okinawan Burial Vaults 3. April Fool’s Day Aspect Sinister 4. Cruel Worlds 
Disc Three: 1. Naturecum 2. Blue Kimono Over Corpse 3. Path Is Short 4. Buddha Strangled In Vines (Part One) 5. Buddah Strangled In Vines (Part Two) 
Disc Four (Bonus CD): 1. Lazarus Flamethrower Sleepwalk (bonus track) 2. Buddhist State (bonus track)

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